• Introduction to monitoring equipment: technical composition of burglar alarm

    &Wireless transmission refers to the connection of intrusion detector and wireless transmitter, which will send radio signal to the air in case of alarm. When the wireless receiver receives the signal, it will give an alarm and inform the personnel to deal with it. It has the advantages of strong anti-destructive, fast transmission speed, and does not affect the beauty of the original decoration. In particular, the use of public wireless networks (such as telephone networks, broadband networks) for information transmission has its very superior conditions. With the help of telecommunication networks, low investment can be achieved; networking can also be used alone, which is incomparable with wired network transmission. The disadvantage is that it may cause false alarm if it is powered by battery;

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  • Continuous progress of intelligent voice core technology

    With the continuous progress of intelligent voice core technologies, such as speech recognition and semantic understanding, according to the application requirements and characteristics of China's call center industry, we have customized the overall speech recognition application solution, further improving the operation value of the new generation of intelligent and intelligent call centers, and successively have been in Shanghai World Expo hotline, ICBC, CITIC Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank China Merchants Bank telephone banking and other practical projects have been successfully applied. &At the same time, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, we will join hands with partners to promote speech recognition technology to vehicles

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  • On the development of network monitoring

    According to our understanding, CCTV monitoring system is an important part of the security technology protection system; Cisco 400-051 is an advanced comprehensive system with strong prevention ability. It can directly watch all the conditions of the monitored place through the remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, pan tilt, etc.), and can also be linked with other security technology protection systems such as anti-theft alarm system to make its prevention ability more powerful 350-018 lab. The main technical requirements of CCTV monitoring system are: the definition of the camera, the transmission bandwidth of the system、

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  • Application of electronic monitoring in urban management

    Core tip: there are numerous cases of "superstition" electronic monitoring in urban management, such as installing Beidou System on vehicles to prevent private use of public vehicles As a result, he was ridiculed as "ten thousand navigation systems can't catch up with a district master"; for example, in order to accurately grasp the health information of each tree, he invested millions of yuan to issue a "tree ID card", and as a result, the trees fell down and the vehicles did not have an early warning; and the manhole cover was also built to play a digital information management system, but it has not been heard of its role at present    &

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