Continuous progress of intelligent voice core technology

2020-08-16 14:09:46 2

    With the continuous progress of intelligent voice core technologies, such as speech recognition and semantic understanding, according to the application requirements and characteristics of China's call center industry, we have customized the overall speech recognition application solution, further improving the operation value of the new generation of intelligent and intelligent call centers, and successively have been in Shanghai World Expo hotline, ICBC, CITIC Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank China Merchants Bank telephone banking and other practical projects have been successfully applied.

    At the same time, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, we will join hands with partners to promote speech recognition technology to all walks of life, such as car, household appliances, mobile phones, toys, etc., to lead and promote the change of interaction mode in the era of mobile Internet, and benefit the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

    This successive award fully reflects the high recognition of iFLYTEK voice recognition technology products and wide application value from the industry market, the majority of users, industry media and other social sectors, and will play a positive role in promoting the social influence of iFLYTEK.

    Baoqianli night vision system, using technological innovation for the driver of the car, in the night or weak light conditions driving process will obtain a longer forward vision and higher foresight ability, it can provide more comprehensive and accurate information or early warning to drivers for potential dangers, so that driving safety is greatly improved; through intelligent technology, and speed Synchronization, restrain the traffic accident caused by vertigo caused by the interference of the opposite high beam lamp. Baoqianli night vision system not only improves the safety of driving, but also makes the driving process more comfortable, relaxed and humanized. At present, the series of night vision products created by the company can be applied to three major fields, including automobile night vision, special equipment and civil market. The main application scenarios are subdivided into automobile night vision, special equipment (military, public security, procuratorate, court, traffic police, armed police, national security, three defense, safe city, railway, oil field, environmental protection, urban management, road administration, etc.), and civil market (outdoor scientific examination, news collection, factories and mines, project construction).

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