Introduction to monitoring equipment: technical composition of burglar alarm

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   Wireless transmission refers to the connection of intrusion detector and wireless transmitter, which will send radio signal to the air in case of alarm. When the wireless receiver receives the signal, it will give an alarm and inform the personnel to deal with it. It has the advantages of strong anti-destructive, fast transmission speed, and does not affect the beauty of the original decoration. In particular, the use of public wireless networks (such as telephone networks, broadband networks) for information transmission has its very superior conditions. With the help of telecommunication networks, low investment can be achieved; networking can also be used alone, which is incomparable with wired network transmission. The disadvantages are that battery power supply may cause false alarm; it is easy to be affected by environmental limitations; it may be interfered by more powerful radio waves, lightning and other stray electric fields.

1. Intrusion detector -- a device that changes the intrusion information from the protected site into electronic signals and transmits it to the outside, commonly known as the probe, also known as the front-end equipment of the alarm. Intrusion detector is composed of sensor and signal processing part, which is the key of anti-theft alarm system, and sensor is the core component of alarm detector.

2. Signal transmission part, also known as channel, is the external transmission channel of detector electronic signal. At present, there are three main ways of transmission, namely special line, borrowing line and wireless.

Special line transmission is the transmission channel of alarm information by laying special cable (including optical cable) equipment through laying special line network. Its advantages are that the system is specialized, the information transmission is not easy to be interfered by external factors, and the special line is achieved. The disadvantages are that the laying of the line is a large amount of work, high investment in the early stage, and difficult to expand the capacity. It is not suitable for a single household to use. It must be controlled by the police center of the community or public security department, and the transmission line is easy to be damaged. Therefore, this system is only suitable for special projects.

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